In order to confirm your booking and date, we need a 50% deposit payment. We do not hold open any dates under ANY circumstances without a deposit.

  • Please pay your deposit as soon as possible and send through the POP so we have your spot reserved.
  • All final menu changes and numbers can be finalized 10 days prior to the function date and the final invoice will then be calculated and sent to you for the final payment.
  • We will not set up at a function if the final balance has not been paid and cleared in our bank account.
  • Please note that quotes may be subject to change according to meat price increases. A final Invoice will be sent 10 days prior to your event.
  • All payment must be done via EFT as we do not accept cash or cheques.
  • Please add 2% if you do choose to pay via cash deposit.
  • Please note that changes to the details of your event and changes on your quotation, will only be accepted in writing, via e-mail, up until 10 days prior.
  • We will not accept changes that are done telephonically as we need a conversation track record to ensure that not even minor details are left out or forgotten.
  • Please make sure that you send us an accurate map on Google to your event location, especially if it is in a rural area, farm or plot.
  • We have beautiful stretch tents available, shade and waterproof tents at affordable rates. Kindly let us know if we should add this to your quote.
  • If you require décor, tables and chairs, kindly let us office know as we can refer you to a reliable supplier.
  • Unfortunately we cannot do any site visits before the event but please send us photos of the set up areas.

Your event

  • Our Magalies Spit Braai Masters will arrive approximately 3 to 4 hours prior to serving time, if they are 15 minutes late, due to traffic, please don’t panic, just inform us so that we can follow up.
  • Kindly make sure there is a plug point within 20 meters of the set up space. If there is no electricity available, please email our office at least 10 days prior to your event date.
  • We do need easy access with a bakkie to the braai site OR you will have to arrange for a couple of strong men to help carry the equipment. Kindly let us know in advance.
  • Note that we won’t carry our equipment further than 50m from our vehicles. We will not carry our equipment up more than one short flight of stairs.
  • Please also ensure that we have access codes, keys, and if we need to use a keycard for elevators you must issue a dedicated key to our chefs for the entire duration for the function.
  • Please note that if you are not present upon our arrival, the serving time will be moved forward and we will bill you for the additional time that we are serving late ( R200 per Braaimaster per hour)
  • Please make sure that our spit machines will fit through all doors and gates. Dimensions:830mm x 1500mm. All our spits work with gas.
  • To set up the spit we will need a space that is backed by a wall in windy conditions and also under cover and level. Clients are responsible to make sure that the set up space meets these requirements.  Due to health and safety reasons we cannot, under any circumstances, set up the spit / food in the sun.  A gazebo works perfectly.
  • Please ensure that there is enough lighting at the serving stations for quality and hygiene purposes.
  • We provide serving tables with black tablecloths, salad bowls and all dishing spoons. We can also provide cutlery and crockery upon request and will quote accordingly.
  • Please note that we will serve the meat & potatoes directly from the spit, if you want to serve it from a different serving area in-house you will have to provide us with chaffing dishes to dish out the meat and a warm-tray to keep it warm for the duration of serving.  We can provide chaffing dishes for a function for an additional cost.
  • We provide white paper serviettes, salt, pepper and salad dressing on the serving tables.
  • Please make sure that serving time is kept by your guests. Our Braai masters will serve for 1 hour before they start packing up, 1.5 hours if you have dessert.
  • If your guests are not ready by the agreed service time, and we have to postpone the serving time, you will be billed R 200 per Braai master per hour. We also cannot accept any responsibility for the quality of the food due to it being kept warm for too long.
  • When serving is done, our Braai masters will start dishing out all the left-overs in your containers. Please provide them with enough containers.
  • Please note that we won’t leave any of our equipment behind under any circumstances.
  • Portion sizes: We work on 450g lamb (raw weight) per person and 150g of pork Belly and Sirloin per person. Our other meats vary in weight from 120g to 180g and our side dishes work out to about 100g to 120 g per person per side. These are very generous portion sizes and we never run out of food if the quoted amount of guests eat from the menu. You do however know your guests better than we do so if you feel they will need larger portions than the above please rather ask us to quote for more people, you do keep all leftovers after the function.
  • Our staff will answer to 1 person in charge who should be there upon arrival to show them where to set-up. If you are not there to receive them and they have to wait for your arrival, the serving time will move forward and you will be billed by the hour for any extra time wasted.
  • Please contact our office immediately if there is a problem with anything on the day of your function, while we can still fix it.


  • NB! Please note that we do not take responsibility for any allergies that you or your guests may have. We use specific spices and sauces in our preparations and will not deviate from these methods. If anyone has any allergies at your function they will consume our product at their own risk. We can provide you with all our ingredients used for your choice of menu but because all our food is prepared in an industrial kitchen we cannot guarantee that the food will not be in contact with food items from other functions that we also prepare for.
  • Please ensure that you provide us with a dedicated water point to assist in our food preparations and hygienic purposes.
  • Please ensure that you provide enough fire extinguishers for your event and that they meet the Health & Safety requirements as set out by OHS Act.
  • Magalies Spit Braai will not be responsible for any food item or beverage taken off premises to be consumed at a later time after the event.
  • We ensure that there is enough food as per your signed menu and amount of guests and our staff will control the serving of these portions on the day of your event. If you don’t follow our serving procedures and time, or if ask our Braai masters to leave the food for you to serve yourself, we cannot ensure the quality or that everyone gets food.
  • Our Braai masters will determine the safety of the area and set up area, and will not set up if they feel that any of the safety conditions are not adhered to.
  • We will not set up if the spit and set up area is not under cover or levelled.
  • Once the spit braais are lit and cooking has started, our Braai masters WILL NOT move the spit again other than for health and safety reasons. The equipment is extremely hot and unsafe to move around once cooking has begun.
  • If the event is taking place in an area that we deem to be unsafe, we will inform the client to escort the Braai masters from the agreed upon location. 

Payment Terms

 Please note that all deposits paid are Non-refundable!

The Client by default agrees to the Payment Terms below.

Advanced bookings

We require a 50% deposit to secure your booking, together with the signed invoice plus the signed terms & conditions at least 10 days prior to your function.  Any documents not received on time, can result in us cancelling your function and you forfeiting the deposit. The balance must be paid 2 days (48 hours) prior to the date of the function. If the balance is not received before above mentioned date it could result in your booking becoming null and void and your deposit forfeited.

Late Bookings (less than 1 week before your function date)

We require that the function invoice must be paid in full.  We will only start arrangements for your function once the full payment reflects in our account, therefore, please ensure direct transfers from other banks if not from transferred from a FNB account.  All invoices must be settled in full upon acceptance of the quote.  All terms and conditions must be signed and sent back immediately.

Government & Corporate Companies

We require a valid Purchase order document, accompanied by our signed-off, final invoice, as well as our terms & conditions document. Magalies Spit Braai will decide on the payment terms for the client to settle the invoice.


The Client confirms that this agreement is being regarded as due demand for payment of all outstanding contractual fees owing to Magalies Spit Braai. The Client consents to judgment in terms of section 57 and section 58 of the Magistrates Court Act, to be obtained against the Client in order for Magalies Spit Braai to collect any outstanding and due amounts.

Should the Client defaults in any part-payment, due and payable, he/she consents to the whole outstanding balance to become payable immediately.

The Client consents to the payment of all legal costs, should Magalies Spit Braai have to institute legal action against him/her, at attorney and own client scale, plus interest.

Limitation of Liability

Magalies Spit Braai will not be liable for any loss or damage suffered by the customer as a result of, interlaid, the following:

  • Force Majeure (Acts of God), Fire, Hijacking, theft and related events, Malfunction of equipment
  • The undersigned agrees to waive any claims of negligence, breach of warranty or contract, mental harm and distress.


All cancellations must be received via email. Date and time acknowledgment is the client’s responsibility. Please call to be sure that your email was received.

Cancellations received up to Three (3) weeks prior to your event: 50% of your paid deposit will be refunded.

Cancellations received less than Three (3) weeks prior to your event will forfeit the entire deposit.

  • Postponement and cancellation works on the same policy.
  • You cannot use a forfeited deposit towards a later date or another event.
  • Second or third party billing is not permitted, the named person and/or company on the invoice is responsible for reconciling all financial terms with Magalies Spit Braai.
  • No hand written amendments to this document are permitted and as such no hand written amendments to this document are legally binding.